Shop at The Co-op? Become a member and support SAVY

SAVY has been selected as a local Co-op cause.

This means that if you shop at the Co-op and are a Co-op member you can support SAVY as you shop.

You can become a Co-op member for £1 in any Co-op store. You can start earning rewards immediately with 5% for you and 1% for your chosen local cause every time you choose Co-op branded products and services.

Once you are a member go online to and make SAVY your cause.

“This funding will support our much needed youth groups for young disabled people and young people who need support in maintaining good mental health!”, writes Vicky Bloomfield, SAVY Manager.

“The Co-op community fund will support SAVY to run 2 youth groups per week from March – December 2017”.

“These groups run for 2 hours per session (total of 4 hours per week) on Thursday and Friday evenings with up to 35 young people attending both sessions. The young people we target for both youth groups are either young disabled people or young people with low level mental health issues.”

“Thanks in advance for your support” adds Vicky.