“Action for Sick Children is a leading children’s health charity based in Cheadle”, writes Lucy Sawdon-Molloy, Fundraising and Development Manager. “As a charity we are committed to ensuring that children and young people receive the highest standards of care by supporting parents, carers and health care professionals in their pursuit […]


“We’re ready to dive into 2018 here at Groundwork UK and we’re excited to kick off our second round of recruitment of Young Green Ambassadors!”, writes Groundwork “Earlier this year we recruited 100 passionate, perceptive, committed young people from across the UK to form our network of Young Green Ambassadors. […]

Groundwork Young Ambassadors

Your Local Pantry is a network of community food stores run by volunteers for the benefit of their local communities. There are four Local Pantries situated across Stockport. “Without our loyal team of volunteers the Pantries would not be able to open their doors to your local community”, writes Anna […]

Volunteer Opportunity: Your Local Pantry